Cilantro releases an all Negroni Cocktail List

Cilantro’s new cocktail list featuring all Negronis bites back at you, but in a good way. The list is cheeky, hipster, classic, intricate and witty. With six variations on a classic drink invented in the early 1900’s by a Florentine aristocrat, the list features Negronis that range from a classic Negroni to an unparalled creation featuring candied lemon wheels, sprinkled with Campari dust and grated nutmeg.

“The Negroni is a bartender’s drink,” notes Dominik Aschauer, the creator behind the new cocktail list at Cilantro. ”Filled with booze and bitters, the creations are endless and allow a bartender to explore a wide variety of liquors. It was a fun challenge to design six different variations.”

The Negroni was originally crafted when Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender to add some bite to his preferred cocktail the Americano. With an addition of gin, an instant classic was conceived and the Negroni, became the Count’s new favourite.

Cilantro’s Count Negroni pays homage to the classic cocktail, yet Aschauer puts a spin on it with the use of craft spirits from Portland, Washington. The No Speak Americano is the drink of choice for gentleman wanting to look tough, yet drink a cocktail that tastes like a liquored-up version of iced tea. Featuring black tea, star anise syrup and Punt e Mes Vermouth, the cocktail is balanced out with an intricate house-made candied lemon wheel dusted with Campari dust and grated Nutmeg.

The Crime in Vatican City is a smooth and silky Negroni that will leave you feeling like you just rolled around in Egyptian cotton sheets. Topped off with drizzled honey, its texture is divine.

The Pop Shoppe Negroni reminds us of our younger years by being served in a vintage apothecary-style soda-pop bottle. The spice of the ginger bitters, hint of blood orange and bite from the dandelion bitters reminds us that we are adults.

The Poseidon’s Trident is a Seattle original, but with less flannel. With a refreshing share of Aquavit, Cyna and Manzilla sherry with a dash of peach bitters, this cocktail is next level.

“Di Dieri,” a cheers to yesterday in Italian, is a celebration of bubbles, muddled oranges and Cinzano. Topped with house-made vermouth rock candy, you will want another just for the candy.

Photo Credit: Kristi Sneddon Photography