House-made Cheese Please

“Cheese – how hard can that be to make?” is the sentiment that started Josh Cocca, Sous Chef at Cilantro, down a path of exploring the art of cheese making at Cilantro Restaurant.

From ricotta to mozzarella, feta, manchego and caso fresco, Cocca makes the cheese in house through the traditional cheese making process. The house-made cheeses are currently made in small batches, so they are used in the daily feature dishes such as ricotta gnocchi. Creating items in-house is not new at the 27 year old restaurant nor at CRMR.  Cilantro has been making their own pasta in-house since they opened. They also brine all their own pickled vegetables, bake their own bread, whip up ice cream and sorbets, and create in-house syrups for cocktails.