Month: October 2018

The Art of Business Lunch

We’ve all been there – searching for the perfect lunch spot to dine with new clients, seal important business deals or treat a hard-working team to lunch. For your next lunch date, keep it classic and cosy in our newly renovated space on 17th Ave SW. Brainstorm over a bowl of pasta, get creative with a glass of wine in hand and more importantly impress your team with an array of tasty sips and hearty dishes.

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Keeping up with Calgary’s Craft Beer Scene

There are days when the thirst-quenching craving for a cold, refreshing beer can’t be sufficed by anything else but the golden stuff. With the craft brewery scene exploding in our home town of Calgary, our love for a chilled glass has been revitalized. Keeping up with the craft beer trend and the numerous microbreweries popping up around the city isn’t something to complain about, especially if it means featuring their creations for our guests to explore right here at Cilantro! Check out the lineup of delicious brews now on our menu: Continue reading “Keeping up with Calgary’s Craft Beer Scene”