Behind the Scenes of Canadiana Cuisine

‘Farm to table’ is a phrase we’re both fortunate and proud to use here at Cilantro. Located in the heart of bustling Calgary, it’s hard to believe that some of our favourite ingredients are raised a short 40-minute  drive away, on 540 acres of lush rolling foothills southwest of Calgary.

Where Does Our Game Meat Come From?

Our family-owned Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch lies East of the Rockies and is home to some of the finest herds of free-run buffalo and elk, as part of our quest to provide the very best for our guests. First established in 1997, the CRM Ranch was built to meet the growing demand for Rocky Mountain Cuisine which has become incredibly popular in recent years. Since then, the ranch has been supplying quality game meats to the CRMR mountain lodges and city restaurants.

What is Rocky Mountain Cuisine?

‘Rocky Mountain Cuisine’ is a phase we use frequently across our CRMR family, and there’s probably a lot of people wondering what it really means.

It was in the kitchens of Buffalo Mountain Lodge, Deer Lodge and Emerald Lake Lodge that this mountain inspired cuisine was born. An exciting and alternative food concept starring venison, caribou, elk and buffalo as centerpieces, expertly combined with local fruit and vegetables to create exquisite tasting, fine dining dishes.

Today, with our outstanding herds, all raised naturally without the use of hormones or antibiotics, it would be irresponsible of us not to utilize this luxurious relationship on our own menu!

Incorporating Canadian Rocky Mountain Cuisine here at Cilantro

Cilantro’s Canadiana Cuisine is our personal twist on iconic Canadian dishes and ingredients. From sweet Maple Syrup to gamey Elk & Buffalo meat, we reconstruct the classics to create a diverse and more importantly, delicious menu.

Game meat is a glorious ingredient and fantastic to cook with. With lower fat content, the meat itself packs a punch and holds a bold and rich taste. A great example of a golden dish infused with game meat flavors would be the Elk Gnocchi. The rich aroma of elk with the warming consistency of gnocchi, it brings together two complimenting factors, creating a flawless, well rounded dish. A customer favorite that it’s become a staple on the menu, with no changes or modification in over 5 years.

Game meat features throughout our menu, and continues to inspire our chefs in the kitchen each season. Its ambiguous ability to adapt to both summer and winter dishes means we’ll continue to infuse it into our menu.

So now that we’ve got your mouth watering, check out our full menus and book a table in our recently renovated space to experience the deliciousness for yourself!