Keeping up with Calgary’s Craft Beer Scene

There are days when the thirst-quenching craving for a cold, refreshing beer can’t be sufficed by anything else but the golden stuff. With the craft brewery scene exploding in our home town of Calgary, our love for a chilled glass has been revitalized. Keeping up with the craft beer trend and the numerous microbreweries popping up around the city isn’t something to complain about, especially if it means featuring their creations for our guests to explore right here at Cilantro! Check out the lineup of delicious brews now on our menu:

Legend 7

This year we added some extremely popular bottles to our beer list including 2 brews from Legend 7. Their brewery is located in the heart of the newly emerging ‘Barley Belt’ in South East Calgary. Order a Pale Ale on tap or their Serpens Pilsner by the bottle for a crisp, complex and refreshing drink, perfect for patio season!



Another hometown brew that’s an in-house favorite is Brewsters Hawaiian Coconut Porter. If the name itself isn’t enough to transport you into a daydream trip to the island, a wave of fresh coconut flavor and crisp aroma will have you hula-ing with every sip.


Banded Peak

If fruity flavored sips are your go-to, then we have another bottle for you to add to your list. The Plainsbreaker brewed by Banded Peak, is bursting with late addition hops, boasting a huge tropical flavor and aroma – it’s well balanced, interesting and very approachable. Brewed in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, Banded Peak craft their beer so they are ready for adventure.


Village Brewery

Looking for something a little more grounding? Look no further than a bottle of Village Blacksmith to douse your coal-fired thirst and clear the soot from your teeth. This bottle is an alloy of premium two-row Alberta barley, roasted to a black malt and infused with quantities of potent, bitter hops. Village is another Calgary based brewery which shot to fame with their diverse range of brews while supporting local craft and creativity. A community favorite and will always hold a spot in our fridge!


Goat Locker

A beer brewed in Calgary with traditional German ingredients is the Fainting Bock by Goat Locker Brewery. Hop across the pond with each sip and enjoy a European beer with hoppy beginnings leading to a sweet ending. In German, the word bock means “goat,” and is the inspiration for our second offering – the Fainting Bock. This brew is a perfect fall beer, warming the heart and full of flavor.


Troubled Monk

Our last local brew comes from the outskirts of Calgary in the town of Red Deer. This one is satisfying for the palate and if you just entering the world of craft beer, Open Road from Troubled Monk is the glass for you. Malty undertones of pumpernickel bread and raisins make this beer the perfect go-to this Fall season. Open Road finishes with soft chocolate flavors and is perfect paired with Game Meat dishes from our Canadiana Menu.


Behind the bar at Cilantro, we’re proud to stock a range of local craft brews and beers. Over the last few years our love and appreciation for craft brews has grown, much like the rest of Calgary’s. Our award-winning wine list might take center stage on the drinks menu, but beside it, our thirst quenching and crafty-cool beer selection plays the favorable underdog.

View our beer list to get your taste buds tingling, just in time for your next visit.

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Read more about our upcoming Village Brewery Dinner on October 30th. A four course dinner prepared by Chef Lance Monteiro and his culinary team at Cilantro, each dish paired with one of Village’s outstanding craft beers. To top the night off, we’ll also be unvailing a very special custom Cilantro brew!