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Meet Michelle our Sous Chef

If you’ve ever worked in the food and beverage industry, you’ll know it takes someone special to withstand the kitchen. Michelle is the Sous Chef at Cilantro and is one tough cookie that’s worked hard to prove her place on the line. She’s Chef Lance’s right-hand and brings determination and passion for food and flavour to the table. We spoke with Michelle to find out a little bit more about her time at Cilantro and career journey with CRMR.

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Meet Lauren Elder: Our highly organized and Passionate Events Coordinator

If there’s anything better than being nestled in the heart of 17th Avenue in Calgary’s Beltline, it’s having the opportunity to share an inner-city oasis on your special day with friends and family!

Whether you’re planning a Christmas party, summer patio wedding or intimate event, we welcome you into Cilantro with open arms. Our homely but vibrant space is yours to transform into an inviting setting with a seating capacity of 60 and space for a cocktail stand-up reception of 100. Continue reading “Meet Lauren Elder: Our highly organized and Passionate Events Coordinator”